Welcome to PeCÄXX - Personal College Advisor/20!

This service is free.  No cost is ever incurred by you.  There are no “catches.”  We do not favor any schools or fields of study.  Everything is based on your best interests.

We developed this unique service after many years as higher education professionals.  We think you will be pleased with it and hope it will be a big help to you.

There are two paths you can take.  Neither path requires a quick decision from you.

                    Path 1 provides assistance in selecting appropriate fields of study, or majors, based on your unique personality profile.  You simply answer multiple-choice questions online to help determine suitable careers based on your personality. Once we have your personality profile, our advisory board will suggest several schools for you to consider.  The schools are based on criteria you select, the field of study suggested by the profile, and our own research on each school.

                    Path 2 provides you with three to five colleges that meet your personal criteria and have been selected by our advisory board based on our own research on each school. We pay special attention to schools offering good academic programs at a reasonable cost. Among the colleges we suggest, you may or may not find an institution that we have designated as a Best Value School.  This designation indicates the school has passed our most rigorous requirements of quality and value.

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Path 1 - Help me select a field of study.

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